Ferrell Solutions was founded by Matthew and April, a husband and wife team. April is a proud (active duty) member of the United States Armed Forces, and Matthew is a Broadway credited theatrical master electrician and systems engineer. After having experienced a sub-standard home inspection that missed major defects with roofing, foundation, electrical, HVAC, plumbing, and more, April and Matthew were left dumbfounded as to what went wrong. They did everything the right way - They went through an agent, hired an inspector, and things couldn't have gone more wrong. Worse yet, this inspection failure took place on their first property purchase!

After spending several months having major repairs performed, Matthew decided to take it upon himself to learn the InterNACHI SOP to try and figure out why there was such a disconnect between the inspector and the realities of the condition of the home itself. In the end, he learned one thing: There shouldn't have been. The vast majority of the problems that cost substantial money fell within the InterNACHI SOP.

Having spent more than a decade in a constant state of travel, Matthew decided to settle down in one place and change things up: He decided to become a licensed a certified Home Inspector through InterNACHI (Search for Matthew Rosenblatt, state license can be verified at Florida DBPR). His practices stand out from the crowd as he utilizes modern technologies to help find problems that aren't always visible to the naked eye. Infrared Thermography is regularly utilized to help find building envelope inefficiencies and moisture intrusion. 360° Photographs are taken of every room inspected to allow the homebuyer to see exactly what a room looked like on the day of the inspection. And while we do walk roofs (when safe to do so), we always utilize drone technologies and fully photograph the roofs of homes we inspect from a distance to help reveal defects we might not see otherwise.

"We believe in revealing as much as possible, not in being as fast as possible."

- Matthew Rosenblatt, Ferrell Solutions

April & Matthew strive to always put their best foot forward. In the end, what started out as April's passion project for real estate, turned into a new career, passion, and change of pace for Matthew. They are both incredibly proud of the portfolio of rental properties they own in Kentucky, and they are proud to be able to provide services to the community that can help keep people from encountering the same negative first-time homebuyers experiences they did.